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  • Richeson Professional Signature Series 9000 Watercolor Round, Size 20

Richeson Professional Series 9000 Watercolor Round, Size 20

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Product Description

Jack Richeson 9000 Signature Series Professional Watercolor Round Brush, Size 20
No watercolor painter should be without this brush! 
This is one of the very best professional-grade watercolor brushes made by Richeson and used by us for over 25 years. This is the synthetic answer to the performance and "snap" of a Kolinsky sable at a fraction of the cost. Ultra-fine point for detail work with huge color-holding belly for those big washes. Economically priced so you can keep several loaded with different colors while you paint. You'll love it.
When Richeson introduced the market to the fabulous “9000” brushes, they were a whole new way of making brushes. This brush has the historic fine snappy point and famous ability to carry great volumes of color. These brushes have seven different types of pointed synthetic fibers blended to create a marvelous artist tool. The brushes have a silver seamless ferrule and a beautiful glossy black handle with gold type and yellow trim. Tough as nails!