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Dear Theo: The Autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh


Product Description

dear-theo.jpgVincent van Gogh, the great but tormented artist, bared his soul in his letters to his confidant and companion, his beloved brother, Theo. These letters reveal the man behind such masterpieces as The Starry Night and The Bedroom--a desperate man whose quest for love became a flight into madness and for whom every day was a "fight for life." Irving Stone, acclaimed author of Lust for Life and other remarkable biographic novels, has collected Vincent van Gogh's fascinating letters to Theo. Van Gogh was a man struggling with doubts and fears, beset by poverty and mental illness, but also a painter who dared to break all the rules of academic art to create priceless masterpieces never honored during his lifetime. He was part of the coterie of great artists of his day while as the same time an intimate of aging streetwalkers. These letters are outpourings of his soul that paint a vibrant self-portrait in words equal to the intensity and emotion his painting created. This is the personal story of a legend.
"An extraordinary book . . . and a great one . . . Written from the heart and without restraint, alive."— The New York Times


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