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Peder Mørk Mønsted: Photorealistic Landscapes from Denmark and Beyond by Eelco Kappe


Product Description

From the Publisher:

The Danish artist Peder Mørk Mønsted (1859-1941) belongs among the greatest landscape painters in history, and his works reflect a mix of modernity, realism, and romanticism. He captured stunning landscapes across Europe, ranging from lush-green forests to snowy Northern European winter scenes to North-African Orientalist images. His style can be characterized by a combination of a very detailed observation of nature, which was common during the Danish Golden Age of painting, with smooth brush strokes, and an Impressionist sensitivity to capturing natural light. And while many of his works appear photorealistic, which may suggest short and precise brushwork, his technique essentially creates the impression of detail. Mønsted's technique gradually evolved during his career, but the one common element across his oeuvre is his focus on accurately capturing the light of each season and area he painted. His picturesque landscapes of his native Denmark constitute the majority of his oeuvre, but Mønsted traveled widely to paint landscapes from Norway to the Alps to North Africa.