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The Field Guide to Plein Air Painting in Watercolor - Softcover Edition


Product Description

double-interior-sized.jpgJump start your painting with this step-by-step guide to painting in watercolor - softcover edition. The Field Guide to Plein Air Painting in Watercolor covers all the must-know basics and shows you how the pros get those wonderful effects in their work. Filled with encouragement and inspiration for your painting.
The Field Guide is a 7 x 7"softcover book  with 52 pages of text and images. It includes information about differences between properties of pigments, fundamentals of washes, ways to improve your artistic vision, illustrated step-by-step demonstrations, essential gear and materials lists, basics of composition, perspective, color, values, edges and lots and lots of inspiration. An Artist's Road Exclusive!



At left: painting the Broad Wash




Sample Interior Pages



At left: Colors in the palette